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08/25/2020, 08:47:29 PM
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08/15/2020, 12:58:02 PM
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08/15/2020, 12:57:58 PM
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04/14/2018, 08:43:26 AM
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You see an item you want to bid on, look at the maximum bids say its 10, that means only 10 bids will be accepted. You can bid once or as many times as you like. The Bid entry fee is the amount needed to place one bid.  

Depending on minimum bid choose your lowest bid, lets say minimum bid is  $.01 you can bid any amount like $.01, $.06, $.21 or even $1.65 ....

After maximum bids allowed, the bidding closes, and the person making LOWEST and ONLY BID at that price gets the item for that price.

This way the winner gets an item worth hundreds or thousands for a very small price.

This concept of Lowest Unique Bid has a  great entertainment value.  VERY LOW PRICES + GREAT FUN

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